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We can help you be a more attractive employer and have healthier employees.

Cyle to work is a government initiative that allows your employees to save up to 42% on the price of a bike and accessories.

  • You benefit as you don't have to pay national insurance as it works as a salary sacrifice scheme.
  • Your employees save, as typically they don't pay income tax or national insurance on the total cost.
  • They are healthier and fitter and when they cycle to work they typically reduce their carbon footprint.

Good news all round.

Cyclist on a commute to work

How does it work?

  1. Easy to manage through a hire agreement between you and your employee - you can find all the necessary forms here.
  2. Easy to manage salary sacrifice scheme over ususally 12 or 18 months.
  3. Your employee visits cycletowork.wiggle.co.uk, selects the products they require, select the scheme provider, and the administrative process starts.
  4. At the end of the term, there are various options to transer the ownership of the bike. For example if you are working with Cyclescheme you have some excellent options (other schemes may differ)
    1. Change the agreement type by paying a small amount as a final payment. The bike is "hired" for a further 36 months but with no monthly payments. At the end of this period the bike is owned by the employee.
    2. The employer can transfer the bike immediately to the employee for a fair market value - see the HMRC table below. A P11D can be used to register the transfer and the valuation.
    3. The bike can be returned to the employer.

HMRC has published the following "Valuation Table" to be used to calculate the market value of bikes and accessories at the end of the Hire Period.

Age of cycle Acceptable disposal value percentage
Original price less than £500 Original price £500+
12 months 18% 25%
18 months 16% 21%
2 years 13% 17%
3 years 8% 12%
4 years 3% 7%

And finally... if you need help please contact us

What documents do I need?

Here are the forms you need to set the scheme up. If you need any help please contact us

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