Warranty FAQs

Warranty Help Guide

Warranty Help Guide

It’s never nice when a piece of your kit has a problem so we aim to make the warranty process as smooth as possible for you.

Before returning your faulty item, please refer to the list of our popular brands below which may be able to provide further assistance with your issue.

If the brand of your item is not listed, then please contact us.

Please note, you may be asked to provide photographic evidence of items to support the resolution of your case.

Wheels - Prep and Fitting

Wheels - Prep and Fitting

Wheels are obviously essential bits of kit for all riders and it can cause a lot of stress if there are issues with them.


At First Glance

When you first receive your new wheels, it is worth taking a little time to inspect them closely. All products do have some form of protection for shipping but sometimes they can take some abuse during transport.

• Please take a second to check the rim for ‘dinks’/’nicks’, as well as for any truing issues. Knocks in transit can put a wheel out of true.
• Make sure the wheels spin freely. Please be aware that bearings can be a little stiff at first on a new wheel or if they have been ‘sitting’ for a while.  Don’t worry though, the bearings will smooth out after a short ride.


Prep and Fitting

There a few things that are worth taking time to make sure are correct during fitting that will save you a lot of time and potential headaches later.

• It never hurts to drop a bit of oil into the nipples on your wheels to make sure nothing has dried out. If you ride in the rain or wash your bike, the oil can get washed off your chain and nipples, so when you oil your chain, drop some oil on the nipples too. Making re-oiling a regular practise in your bike care routine will help prevent galvanic corrosion as well as seizing and the dreaded problem of rounded nipples when it comes time to true up the wheel. Prevention is a lot easier and cheaper than repairing!
• Make sure you have your brakes set up with the correct style pads and that they are properly aligned with your wheels. Misaligned brakes can wreak havoc on rims, especially carbon rims, causing accelerated wear, increased heat build-up and possibly even affecting the tyres in extreme cases

Important Note: If you use carbon wheels, using the wrong type of brake pads will void your warranty! Make sure you have the manufacturer’s specified brake pads fitted prior to riding.

• When fitting a cassette to your new wheels, it is very important to ensure that it is torqued correctly according to the values marked on the retaining cap. Insufficient torque can allow the cogs to move separately, causing a dramatic increase of force against the splines of the free body. It’s normal to see some minor indentation on an aluminium freebody, but if the cogs slip, this can go beyond normal tolerances and lead to a shorter lifespan for your hub and potentially lead to shifting issues.  It is worth remembering that for freehubs that are backwards compatible with 8, 9, 10 speed cassettes as well as 11 speed, a spacer will be provided, but is not used for 11 speed installations.

• Do I need to check trueness of my wheels after a few rides? Yes.

The reason that wheels need to be re-trued after a few rides is that spokes tend to relax a bit. Most builders take steps to "bed in" the wheel but there is nothing like a good ride to truly do this properly. This is more likely to be necessary for a machine-built wheel than a hand-built wheel, but this can still occur even with a precision hand-built wheel for a variety of reasons. An annual or semi-annual trueness check is always a good idea as well.

Wheels - Maintenance

Wheels - Maintenance

As with anything a little care on your wheels will keep them looking and performing their best for as long as possible.

  • Even if you don't ride in the rain, it's still a good idea to lube the chain and nipples every 6 months or so or when the season changes. Any time you lube the chain, it’s probably good to oil the nipples as well.
  • Another thing to check when the weather turns is the cassette torque. Alloy freehubs and steel cassettes expand at different rates and when the weather changes, the cassette can loosen off causing slipping and damage to your hub.
  • It is worth peeking at your bearings every 500 miles or so or after very wet/dirty rides especially if there is a lot of road salt around in the winter. Just like the nipples and spokes these will need cleaning and potentially fresh grease/lubricant to keep them running smoothly.
  • Water ingress in a free hub can cause all kinds of issues and the first sign is usually ‘gritty’ feelings coming from your bearings. You will likely not notice this while pedalling, so you will need to check by hand occasionally.

Make sure you check the seals to prevent rust and degradation inside the hub internals.  

Important note: Using pressurised water from a jet cleaner or hose pipe can force water past the seals inside your free hub. A bucket and sponge are safer for your internals. Water is the enemy of almost everything inside your hub, so if in doubt, open the hub up and make sure it’s dry before you leave it or ride it.



Lubricants to Avoid

While it's hard to say which lubricants are best for chains/nipples, some lubricants are real no-nos:

  •  Automotive motor oil contains detergent and is made to be renewed constantly under pressure from the motor's oil pump.
  • "Household" oil, such as 3 in 1, is a vegetable oil and is acidic. It tends to gum up. (It's really bad news inside internal hub gears, too...)
  • WD-40, GT85 and similar spray type lubricants are highly effective as water displacers, but also work very well as solvents. They all contain a volatile solvent which helps the product to atomize as a spray, which then evaporates, leaving a very light film of product in place. GT85 does contain some teflon, which works well for protecting against gentle friction, but is not sufficient for nipples – or much of anything else on a bike. Unfortunately, this means that these spray lubricants can very easily strip away effective lubricants that have been put in place at the factory. This is true for bicycle chains and for nipples.

Wheels - Bearings and Spokes

Wheels - Bearings and Spokes

Bearings and spokes can often be over looked on wheels until something goes wrong however, they do require care and attention in order to last as long as possible and keep your ride smooth.

It is worth noting that the majority of brands do not cover bearings and spokes for more than a couple of months (3-6 average) under warranty as they are classed as ‘consumable’ parts. Make sure you fully read through your warranty and user guides for your wheels as some brands will also have specific rules you must follow for maintenance, which if not done, can void your warranty!



Unless purchasing a highly specialist item your wheel is likely to have 1 of 2 types of bearing styles:

  1. Cup and Cone – The advantages of these are they tend to last a long time and are very cheap to replace. However, they so require more set up work, maintenance, fine tuning and tension adjustment. Also, you may find the cup cannot be replaced which would make it necessary to replace the entire hub when the bearings require replacing.
  2. Cartridge – These require specific tools and training to replace but can be done very quickly. Once replaced the wheel can simply be re-assembled and ridden. They do not last as long as cup and cone bearings, but the bearing can be replaced by itself with no need to change the hub. This means if you take care of your hub it could last a lot longer.



As wheel designs and materials get lighter and riding conditions and riders get tougher, the chances of a spoke break increase. One or two spoke snaps are generally nothing to worry about and can simply be replaced however, if 3 or more break it’s a good indication your spokes are fatigued, and it is worth looking into a rebuild.

A few things to note if a spoke breaks:

If the nipple breaks it can be due to excessive tension or galvanic corrosion. It is worth checking all spokes and nipples for a white powdery substance on or around the nipples. If the spoke snaps near the nipple it us usually general fatigue or if a spoke breaks near the hub, it can indicate the spokes are under tensioned and need checking.


Information has primarily been sourced from Sheldon Brown’s website, Jobst Brandt’s definitive work The Bicycle Wheel, as well as our hard-working service tech staff, with collaboration from manufacturers such as Pro-Lite.



Tyres are another essential bit of kit that can cause nightmares such as the riders worst enemy, punctures! Although it is unusual to see manufacturing defects with the majority of tyres but it can happen. Sadly, punctures are not covered under warranty so the below is a very basic guide to what is considered a puncture and what is considered a defect.

Now we are aware this is not a word any cyclist likes to hear but punctures are danger faced by all road users, from cars, to bikes, to buses. How do you tell the difference between a puncture and a manufacturing defect?



Issues covered under warranty are splits along the rim of the tyre that expose the tyre beading as pictured. Splits along the seam of tyres and where the layers are joined together are also usually accepted if the tyre does not show signs of abuse.


Not Covered

Punctures are classed as damage caused by ‘outside’ factors such as stones, glass, thorns or even incorrect break set up. This is usually seen in the side wall of tyres but can go through any section and we see an increase during the change of season when plants, rubbish and weather cause an excess of ‘debris’ on our roads and paths.

If you look closely at a tyre you will see that there are fibres that run diagonally under the rubber. These are part of what give the tyre its durability and any object that causes a puncture must get through these before deflating your tyre. If the fibres in your tyre have been sliced, then I am afraid this is a puncture and will not be covered under warranty.



There are 2 small dents in my tyre. Are these a defect?

No, these are ‘ware’ markers! Many brands will have a version of these on their tyres and they are nothing to worry about. Once you cannot see them anymore it is time to change your tyre. (Continental pictured).

Apple Warranty Information

Apple Warranty Information

If you need assistance with an Apple product, please contact the Apple Technical Support Team on 0845 6001683 prior to requesting a return. You may need the serial number of your item so make sure you have this to hand.

Apple are brilliant at troubleshooting problems and have an extremely high-resolution rate without the need for returning products.

Wiggle are unable to process any faulty returns for Apple products without customers going to Apple Technical Support beforehand. Your case could be delayed or denied if you do not.

More information on Apple warranty can be found at http://store.apple.com/uk/help/warranty


Wahoo Warranty Information

Wahoo Warranty Information

Wahoo are a fantastic brand and stand behind the quality and performance of their products. Before you return your Wahoo cycle trainer to us, Wahoo have requested that you contact them here to gain confirmation of the return. They are brilliant at troubleshooting problems and have an extremely high-resolution rate without the need for returning the trainer. Result!

If it is confirmed by Wahoo that you need to return your trainer please let us know the reference from them (from your support request) and also the serial ID of your trainer. Please go to your account and select ‘Return Item’ next to the image of the product you’re returning, complete a return form and include it in your parcel: 

We're unable to process any returns for Wahoo trainers without confirmation that they have been contacted and this will mean that your case could be delayed or denied.


Please note: this process is for bike trainers only and does not apply to smaller electronic such as the Elements, Bolts or heart rate straps.

KMC Warranty Information

KMC Warranty Information

KMC are a great brand that like to deal with customer issues directly. For any KMC chain issues you will need to fill out a form on their website directly. Please find the link for this here.

KMC will reply and provide a solution to you directly and usually this is within 24 hours however, it can take a little longer in peak periods. KMC will then ship parts and replacements directly to your provided address.

Salomon Warranty Information

Salomon Warranty Information

Whilst Salomon products are reliable, sometimes things can go wrong. Here are the most common issues and how you can fix them. 


Heel Damage Material/Split

Unfortunately the wear is caused by abrasion/friction. This kind of problem is always caused by a constant friction. Thus, the material gets more and more abraded with every mile. Very often one of the problems listed is causing such problems you have experienced, such as heel slip, sizing issues, or pronation. Heel striking probably has your heel working against the fabric in the problem area. It's not abnormal for shoes to wear through, and regardless of age these issues will wear the material.

Therefore, this isn’t covered under warranty as it not a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, we and Salomon will not accept these as faulty. You can find more information regarding Salomon warranty here.


Leaking Shoes

If your Salomon shoes are leaking please fill out the Salomon form and send it to us using our contact us form along with photos of the fault with the shoe, specifically one of the soles of the shoes, one with the tag (which is usually found on the tongue) and one showing the general condition of the shoes.


For all other Salomon shoe queries please contact us and provide the following details:

  • Photos of the fault with the shoe, one of the soles of the shoes, one with the tag which is usually found on the tongue and one showing the general condition of the shoes.
  • A full description of the issue as we know sometimes is very difficult to see the issue from a photo.

Roka Warranty Information

Roka Warranty Information

If you have an issue with a Roka product please email their customer service department here: support@roka.com

You will need to provide proof of purchase and clear photos of the damage. If you do not have your proof of purchase, please speak to us via our live chat feature or contact form and we can send you an electronic copy directly.

The Roka team will then let you know the best next steps to get any faulty queries taken care of. Roka have a 2-year warranty on all products - you can read more on this here.

If they are unable to rectify the problem, they will issue you with a reference number which we will need noted on your returns form if you then return the item to us.

Orca Warranty Information

Orca Warranty Information

If you have an issue with your Orca item please contact us first, giving us a description of the issue and clear photos of the problem.

We will then forward these to Orca who will be able to give us a resolution. You may not even have to post the item back - result!

Bkool Warranty Information

Bkool Warranty Information

Bkool are a fantastic brand and stand behind the quality and performance of their products. Before you return your trainer to us they have requested that you contact them here in order to gain confirmation of the return. They are brilliant at troubleshooting problems and have an extremely high resolution rate without the need for returning the trainer. Result!

Unfortunately we are unable to process any returns with Bkool without confirmation that they have been contacted and this will mean that your case will be delayed or denied. All we need is the reference number that they give you for your support request.


FiveTen Warranty Information

FiveTen Warranty Information

If you have any issues with your FiveTen shoes we may be able to provide you with a resolution without the need to ship them back to us.

Please contact us with a full description of the issue as well as photos of the fault with the shoe, one of the soles of the shoes, one with the tag (which is usually found on the tongue) and one showing the general condition of the shoes.

Under Armour Warranty Information

Under Armour Warranty Information

If you are having an issue with your Under Armour product please contact us with a full description and photo of the problem before returning your item. We may be able to provide you with a solution without the need to ship the item back to us. 

Skins Warranty Information

Skins Warranty Information

If you are having an issue with your Skins product please contact us with a full description and photo of the problem before returning your item. We may be able to provide you with a solution without the need to ship the item back to us.

Mavic Warranty Information

Mavic Warranty Information

Before sending a Mavic item back, please contact us with an issue description, a photo of the fault and the serial number of the product (where applicable).

We can then contact Mavic and they may be able to resolve your issue without the need to ship the item back to us. 

MET Helmet Warranty

MET Warranty

As an official MET dealer, when you purchase a MET helmet from us you are covered by the 2 year manufacturers warranty. This means that MET guarantee the helmet to be free from defects in both material and workmanship for 2 years from the original date of purchase.

If you need to return the helmet to us under warranty, please include a detailed description of the claim, along with an original proof of purchase. If the helmet is found to be defective it will either be repaired or replaced with the nearest helmet model in price, size and colour available at MET's discretion. 

The warranty does not apply to helmets that have not been used properly according to the MET helmet owner's instruction manual. The warranty does not cover damaged caused by accidents, abuse, negligence, incorrect adjustment or for uses other than that intended by the manufacturer. Any modification made by the user will render the warranty null and void. The warranty does not cover damages due to excess heat exposure such as direct, extended presence in a car window, or wear and tear of the comfort pads of the helmet even within the 2 year warranty period.

Endura Garmet Repair Service

Endura Garment Repair Service

Endura know how much it hurts to have your favourite piece of kit trashed in a bike accident. It hurts even more when those shorts or that jacket that fits you just right is no longer available to buy again. And that’s before even considering the waste to the environment of replacing a whole garment when only one small part of it requires repair.

That's why Endura offer the Endura Repair Service for any of their garments* that have suffered damage whilst riding, regardless of how old they are. That could be a fall on a tarmac switchback or thorn damage from a stretch of overgrown singletrack. Note though, that the service is intended for damaged garments rather than those that have simply gradually worn out and that for practical reasons the service is restricted to customers in the UK and the European Union.

Here’s how it works:  

  • Email Endura at returnsteam@endura.co.uk with the subject line "Endura Garment Repair Service". Please include your name, phone number, the product model and detail where the damage is that you'd like us to repair. If you are able to, please provide photos of the damage as email attachments
  • After Endura receive your email they will provide you with a Returns Number; you must then send your garment along with the Returns Number to:
    •       Endura Ltd, 3 Starlaw Park, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 8SF, United Kingdom
  • Upon receipt Endura will assess the damage to your garment and will then email or call you to confirm if they believe the garment can be repaired and to what standard
  • There is a standard cost of £15 for a repair. Occasionally, for more complex or extensive damage, Endura may have to charge more but will always advise this for approval prior to commencing any repair work
  • If you approve to proceed with the repair Endura ask you to allow 2 weeks in order to complete the repair and despatch back to you (excluding Christmas closure period where extra time may be required)
  • There is a standard courier return charge of £5 to UK addresses and €10 to addresses in the rest of the European Union.

If you have questions that are not already answered above please go to https://about.endurasport.com/contact/ and select "Product Repair" from the subject drop down box to send Endura a message.

*Available for garments only (excludes hardware such as eyewear, backpacks, helmets etc)

Kask Warranty


Kask Warranty

As an official and fully authorised KASK retailer, when you purchase a KASK helmet from us you can be sure of the following three very important and valuable things.

1) That the item you are purchasing is a genuine KASK product from a verifiable origin that passes all of the KASK internal standards and meets the relevant country safety standards. In the EU this is the CE mark that you will find inside your KASK helmet.

2) That your helmet carries a 2 year manufacturers guarantee and warranty protecting you from any defects that are over above normal wear and tear. Just keep hold of your proof of purchase somewhere to be covered.

3) That your helmet is covered by a crash replacement policy whereby if you have an accident and your helmet is damaged you are able to return your damaged helmet to the KASK in distributor (in the UK this is VeloBrands Ltd) who will supply you a replacement model for 50% off RRP plus postage and packaging with a tracked, next day courier service. (This offer applies to UK customers only)

These are very strong and important propositions to consider, particularly when you are purchasing a product that is designed to potentially save your life! Is it worth buying from a name you don't know or trust that is not fully authorised to supply KASK helmets?

Hoka 30 Day Trial

Hoka 30 Day Trial

Terms and Conditions:

  • The scheme is offered on current season product only. Applicable products can be found here.
  • The HOKA 30 Day Trial is available to all customers in the UK who have purchased HOKA footwear from the 1st of April 2021 onwards. It is not available to customers resident in other countries or who purchase via other retailers including Hoka EU.
  • Products must have been purchased from www.wiggle.co.uk only. Products purchased from other authorised HOKA retailers will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer at their cost.
  • During the 30-day period commencing from the date of delivery of the HOKA products, customers can use the footwear as per their normal levels of usage. If a consumer wishes to return the shoes for any reason they may be returned for a refund of the purchase price paid.
  • Returns must be received in a hygienic condition for processing with any excessive soiling removed prior to return. Any returns received back in an unacceptable condition will be returned to the customer at their cost or destroyed, with no refund provided.
  • The Customer is responsible for all return costs.
  • To return, customers must contact Wiggle Customer Services, citing the HOKA 30 Day Trial promotion. Any returns received after the 30 day window will be processed or returned to the consumer at Wiggles’ discretion.
  • The HOKA 30 Day Challenge is available for up to 2 pairs over a 12 month period per customer.
  • The refund will be processed back to the original form of payment.
  • Used returned product will be disposed of by Wiggle in accordance with our recycling and repurposing programs and cannot be re-sent to the customer once received unless returned if they do not comply with the condition requirements set forth above.
  • Wiggle reserves the right to refuse a return in the case of any abuse of the scheme.
  • Wiggle reserves the right to change the terms of the HOKA 30 Day Trial and its other returns policies at any time.
  • The HOKA 30 Day Challenge is not applicable to staff discount purchases.
  • The HOKA 30 Day Challenge ends on 30th April 2021.