Ordering with Enjoy Benefits

Ordering Steps

Ordering Steps

1. Employee visits cycletowork.wiggle.co.uk and adds eligible bikes, accessories, clothing or components to their basket.
2. The employee logs into their existing Wiggle account or creates a new account.
3.  Employee selects Enjoy Benefits from the drop down - see the illustrative screen shot below.

4.  Employee clicks ‘Get a Quote’ and complete the delivery details and employer details to receive a quote via email.
5.  Employee submits the quote to Enjoy Benefits.
6. Enjoy Benefits raise an invoice and hire agreement which is sent direct to the employer.
7. The hire agreement is to be signed by both the employer and the employee.
8. Once the hire agreement is signed the employer makes a payment to Enjoy Benefits.
9. Enjoy Benefits will make a payment to Wiggle.
10. The employee will need to contact Wiggle to complete the order.
11. The order is delivered as per the chosen delivery option.

Please note it can take up to 28 days to complete the process We hope to complete it faster but it depends on transfer of funds from the employer which is outside of Wiggle's control. 

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