Wiggle Events

Guide to Wiggle Events

Guide to Wiggle Events

How do I select the most appropriate event for my ability and requirements?
Before you enter, take a moment to think about what you want from the event. Do you want a challenge where you can push yourself? Or do you want to spend the day at a more leisurely pace? Once you’ve established this, you need to be honest with yourself about your current ability level: what’s your current training? What distances and terrains are you experienced in? Although it’s fantastic to push yourself and achieve new goals, it’s also extremely important that you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to injury and exhaustion. Once you’ve done a few events, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and will be able to push ahead throughout the season!

Why should I take part in an event?
Entering an event is a great way to set a goal and a focus. Events give you something to look forward to during the working week and the entry is an incentive to make sure that you get outside in the fresh air at the weekend. Plus training for events can improve your fitness. The event day itself will leave you with the great feeling of having achieved a goal, honed skills, and met new people that share your interests.

Who organises these events?

All our Wiggle events are professionally organised by our in-house team to allow you to relax and enjoy the ride whilst we take care of the rest.

  • Massage 
  • Event Photos
  • Pick-up wagons 
  • On site catering
  • Electronic chip timing 
  • Rider public liability insurance 
  • Facilities and parking 
  • Web results service
  • Bike wash facilities
  • Bespoke medal
  • Electronic chip timing
  • Mechanical & medical support
  • Free nutrition stops
  • Expertly planned & signed routes
  • Experienced event team

What do the different event types and formats mean?
Wiggle offers a range of different events which we categorise using the following terms:

  • Standard - This is the base standard of distance. Not too hard not too easy, just right!
  • Short - Slightly shorter than standard distance. Aimed more for enjoyment.
  • Epic - The longest distance option for those up for a challenge!
  • Under 16 - Any child under the age of 16 can ride with appropriate adult supervision.

How long is each event? The distance of each event is shown on the product details page. Each event’s distance is given in miles. For a rough conversion to kilometres, please see the table below:



Are these events safe and is first aid provided?
Our event organisers all have a wealth of experience between them. All routes are checked, well-marked and there is always somebody that is trained in First Aid on-site. However, entrants are urged to take necessary precautions to avoid leaving themselves vulnerable to accidents and injury. For some events, there is a time limit on course completion to ensure that participants are not left out on the route.

Will there be parking available at the event start?
All Wiggle events include allocated car parking. We advise entrants to share car journeys where possible to ensure that congestion and traffic in and around the area are kept to a minimum. Parking at Sold Out events are likely to reach maximum capacity and entrants are therefore advised to arrive early to ensure that they secure a car parking space.

Do events start and finish in the same place?
Wiggle event routes are circular and start and finish at the same place. This is to make sure that it really is easy for entrants to turn up, ride and go home after a successful day out!

Are there age limits for events?
Most of the Wiggle Super Series events offer an Under 16 option. The full-length routes are designed to offer more difficult challenges. The Under 16 option is our way of offering something for everybody – regardless of age, gender or skill.

What do I need to take with me to an event?

  • Ticket - Please ensure you print out your e-ticket and take it with you to the event. You will be required to present this at registration.
  • You will need to bring a Bike to participate in Cycling Events
  • Helmet - You will be required to take your helmet with you to registration.
  • Appropriate cycling clothing
  • Cycling shoes
  • Nutrition
  • Spares for road side repairs
  • Water bottles

Do we publish event results?
Wiggle doesn't publish the results to a public audience. Results are available online. For further information please refer to your entry pack.

Entering a Wiggle Event

Entering a Wiggle Event

How do I buy an event ticket?

Wiggle event tickets are available as products to purchase on the Wiggle website. Select the event ticket you wish to purchase, add the item to your basket and proceed to checkout as normal.

When you purchase an event ticket you will be asked for the following additional details prior to placing your order:

  • Rider First Name.
  • Rider Last Name.
  • Rider Email Address.
  • Rider Mobile Tel Number.
  • Gender (M/F).
  • Date Of Birth (in format YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Emergency Contact Name.
  • Emergency Contact Tel Number
  • Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of? 
  • I agree to Wiggle Events Terms & Conditions


Please check this information carefully before submitting your order as mistakes cannot be rectified by Wiggle.

Please be aware that unfortunately it is not possible to discount the price of event tickets using promotional voucher codes or the Wiggle Rewards Gold/Platinum discounts.

How will I receive my event ticket?
Once your order has been processed by Wiggle you will receive email confirmation of the events you have booked, the rider info you have submitted together with a unique ticket ID for each rider for each event. You will not receive anything from Wiggle via post. Please print this confirmation email and bring it with you to the event as proof of entry. You will receive a second email which contains details of how to access the event pack.

If you order an event ticket within 7 days of the event date, please Contact Us if you have not received both emails in time to attend the event.

What if the event I want to attend sells out?
We only have limited number of tickets available per event. Once they have all been sold we are not able to offer this event and the product will show as out of stock.

What if I need to change my details, the event distance or cancel my order?
If you need to change any of your booking details or cancel your order please contact Wiggle Customer Services or refer to your entry pack. Be ready to quote your Wiggle order number and event unique ID.

Wiggle Events - Terms and Conditions for Participants

Wiggle Events - Terms and Conditions for Participants

Wiggle hopes that everyone attending its events has an enjoyable and rewarding experience. To ensure our events run smoothly, we ask that those in attendance agree to follow the below guidance:

Those in attendance should:

•             Adhere to all of the safety recommendations/guidance’s below and any guidance issued by guides, event coordinators and/or other nominated representative persons representing Wiggle on the day.

•             Ensure their clothing, footwear, cycling or water sports equipment etc. is in good condition and appropriate for the event and weather conditions on the day.

•             Be fully responsible for their own actions whilst taking part in an activity or event. Wiggle does not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant, nor the consequences of such actions.

•             Take full responsibility for their own health and personal well-being.

•             Be appropriately physically and mentally capable with no known underline medical conditions that may affect their ability to take part.

•             Be aware of specific trail/route/surrounding hazards and features prior to taking part.

•             Ensure they can contact someone in the event of an incident or, in the case of a severe incident/accident, be able to contact the emergency services (999) and give their location.

•             Be responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an incident/accident either involving or caused by you, the participant, as a result of inappropriate actions or negligence, including but not limited to damage to your own or a third party’s property or equipment.

•             Be mindful that participation in the activities is at the participant’s own risk and to recognise that all reasonable care has been considered.

Incidents are rare but participating in any activity/promotional event is potentially hazardous. By choosing to attend, you have a personal duty to consider the risks involved including but not limited to, slips, trips and falls and those who might be harmed by your actions. Those attending should take every reasonable step to reduce their exposure to risk and mitigate Wiggle from liability of harm or injury.